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about the Training and the Instructor, Arinda B. Botha.


"My feet have been treated by Mrs. Arinda Botha for many years.

She is truly professional and very thorough in her treatment of feet and toe-nails.

In my opinion she really knows what she is doing and is always busy seeking better and even more efficient methods of treatment."

- Dr. Herman Botha, MBDt

Dentist and Client

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"Arinda Botha is an advantage for client foot care. Over the past ten years I have referred patients with a wide variety of foot problems to her. The patients she treated were handled with great care and attention to
detail. Her practical methods clearly brought relief and, in some cases, permanent solutions. She spends a great amount of time on each treatment and has compassion. I observed a variety of different conditions treated by Arinda. She is extremely cautious, she regularly asks me for my professional advice about wounds she comes across to ensure patient satisfaction and safety.
I see Arinda as a necessary component in the clinical pathway of healing Foot

- Sister Trudie du Plessis

Qualified Professional Wound Care Practitioner


"Arinda is very well trained and she can identify specific conditions. She is a  dedicated expert and knows how to ensure best treatment for each individual."

- Sister C.E. Mans,

Former Nursing Service Manager of Ons Tuis Frail Care Residential Facility

Image by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

"I have been one of Arinda Botha's clients for the past 20 years. The standard of her work is very high, she works thoroughly and uses excellent hygiene protocols. Her sessions are never rushed, as time doesn't seem to be as important to her as client satisfaction is. She is a friendly, hard-working person who is always willing to go the extra mile even if it is late in the evening to accommodate a client. She is very knowledgeable and knows every detail of the foot. Mrs. Botha has also been servicing clients at their homes as well as various old age facilities, and she really works long hours (I can attest to this). I feel that in comparison to others' fees, the treatment fee she charges, is minimal and she is willing to assist those in need as people are dear to her. There were times that I had to make use of other therapists, but I do not feel that the level of work and their fees were on the same standard as Mrs. Botha's. It really was not value for money, and besides that, the sanitation protocols taken by these other therapists were not satisfactory."

- Mrs. Hester van Niekerk


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"As a surgeon I am extremely conscious of hygiene and I pay very close attention to the aseptic technique used when people treat me or my loved ones. The level of hygiene at the Footcare Family is always exceptional."

- Dr. Johan J. Nel, M.Med.Vet

Veterinary Surgeon and Client

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