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Unique Foot Training and Treatment in South Africa
Leading Authority on Footcare in South Africa

We are a South African one-of-a-kind training provider of Footcare Short Courses. Our training is within a health rather than a beauty domain. The scope of the training we offer ranges from basic and safe foot and hand care to intricate and problematic conditions.

We equip students to identify contra-indications for referrals to appropriate medical professionals like podiatrists, medical doctors, pharmacists, and vascular surgeons. In our experience, even the basic care issued by misinformed and under-trained care workers in South Africa often lead to serious but preventable consequences like wounds and even amputations. Sufferers of diabetes are at particular risk. How do you approach a diabetic foot? What should you avoid doing at all costs? Whereto do you refer? And when do you manage the issue by yourself?

Our training is the very first of its kind in South Africa, despite it being an internationally well-known expertise and fully formed profession. It has now arrived in South Africa after we received endorsement by the American Foot Care Nurses Association.

The exact position of Footcare Training falls between Podiatry and Beauty. So our students do no surgery, but are the bridge between the client and the medical professional. They asses and treat feet safely and painlessly yet effectively by applying the taught skills, of for example ingrown toenails. The taught methods are tried and tested, proven solutions.

The objective of our training is the assistance of the communities of South Africa. Retirement homes and elderly elsewhere are of particular concern to us. Care workers here have not the necessary training to safely assist these residents but are nevertheless expected to. The mistakes, unsafe services and techniques are to be expected as they do not undergo the relevant courses for such services. All too often do the elderly have their nails painfully clipped into the nail bed. Care Workers are encouraged to take courses with us, for they are the corner-stones of  elderly care; they simply cannot be expected to do something beyond their training. With the necessary training completed, our students will be able to better complete their duties and approach feet with well-informed insights and methods.

We offer free Foot Care Basic training for Care Workers at Retirement Homes
(3 days

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Arinda B. Botha is a Certified Foot Care Specialist (USA) and Educator based in South Africa.



Arinda B. Botha obtained certification and registration in the United States of America as a Certified Foot Care Specialist and Foot Care Educator. She is the first individual on the Continent of Africa to hold these qualifications awarded by the American Foot Care Nurses Association (AFCNA). She has 30 years' worth experience.


Mrs. Botha has worked as a Foot Care Therapist for the past 34 years. She works primarily at Old Age facilities but also privately. Formerly, Mrs. Botha instructed many students, for which she developed methods and techniques of improving foot conditions and in many cases resolving them such that they need not return for further treatment. She has undertaken training in Wound Care and is trusted by Wound Care Specialists to handle problematic feet.

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