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​Affiliated with the American Foot Care Nurses Association


Qualified Pedicurists get 50% discount.

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Applicatrions OPEN

Pretoria and Cape Town students completed theory training in February and March. The Argus Race marketing was a success!

Footcare Therapy (FCT) in 2023: Courses will be held in Mpumalanga, Pretoria, and Cape Town!

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consists of 3 modules


Basic Safety and Basic Treatment in Footcare


Footcare and effective Treatment Techniques


Advanced Footcare Practices

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"Arinda and I both provide the high-level education and skills
training that is necessary to provide this medical foot care in the community. I would like to take this opportunity to send my ​highest recommendations for high-risk foot care services and training to be provided by Arinda Botha. I had the pleasure of knowing her in the wonderful work that she has done for almost 30 years in providing foot care for under-privileged and high-risk people. I am a Podiatrist and an Educator with 35 years of experience in the United States. I have trained many hundreds of nurses and caregivers to provide safe and effective foot care. There are so very many people who need this care. But it requires specialized training and experience in order to properly teach others. I have been so happy to know that Arinda possesses both the skills, experience and ability to teach others effectively."

- Dr. Julia Overstreet, DPM, FAPWCA

Podiatric Physician and Surgeon, Director at Rainier Medical Education Programs


about the Training and the Instructor, Arinda Botha.


"My training with the Footcare Family academy was amazing and understandable. I enjoyed every practical class I had and our models were very friendly. The most enjoyable part is the theory, it is very insightful, I didn't only learn anatomy and physiology but also hygiene and communication skills. It changed my life in so many different ways. I now own a successful business and am doing very well, I'm happy with the career path I chose. I recommend this course to everybody who wants to make  a difference in the lives of others, reducing their suffering and increasing their mobility. There is a huge need for foot care therapy."

- Mrs. Precious Sibanyone

Former Student and Practicing Footcare Therapist

Dr Johan.jpeg

"As a surgeon I am extremely conscious of hygiene and I pay very close attention to the aseptic technique used when people treat me or my loved ones. The level of hygiene at the Footcare Family is always exceptional."

- Dr. Johan J. Nel, M.Med.Vet

Veterinary Surgeon and Client

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